Saturday, November 16, 2013

So Sweet

Made in Candy 

Confectionery? well many people are into these and I'm one of them. I can maybe say that I'm hooked with it hehe how about you? yeah I know you cannot refuse when you see a shop selling cute little comfits  made by layering different colored pieces of candy with cylinder-shape just like sushi role after slicing it you can see the face appears on the cross section.

In fact, before you enter the candy shop, it's pleasing to the sense of taste. I was attracted with the delightful smell of candy. I searched about this and I found out that It was the same with Japanese candy and they called it "Kintaro Ame" “something that is almost same as others and characterless”  Kintaro means Golden Boy a folklore hero and Kintaro ame started during the Edo Period.

You can  actually watch how they make the candy so its entertaining and mouth watering performance from the staff of the candy shop. If I'm not mistaken, Made in Candy shop is originally from Singapore and It's great that they have branch here in Philippines :)
Oh these lollies!!! looks yummy huh? 

 And here's the finished product of Made in Candy. Honestly it is really hard for me to eat these cute little candies ohhh....Can I just display and not to eat it? ;(

Which one do you like?? hmmmm?I think cherry is yummy oh and apple, look at that smiley, cutie right? can you see the heart? I wanna try the lemon too. hehehe. It reminds me of this expression "cookie cutter" You guys wanna try some? 

Anyway you can buy it in Sm Megamall and Rockwell:)
Happy reading guys hihihi