Saturday, November 16, 2013

So Sweet

Made in Candy 

Confectionery? well many people are into these and I'm one of them. I can maybe say that I'm hooked with it hehe how about you? yeah I know you cannot refuse when you see a shop selling cute little comfits  made by layering different colored pieces of candy with cylinder-shape just like sushi role after slicing it you can see the face appears on the cross section.

In fact, before you enter the candy shop, it's pleasing to the sense of taste. I was attracted with the delightful smell of candy. I searched about this and I found out that It was the same with Japanese candy and they called it "Kintaro Ame" “something that is almost same as others and characterless”  Kintaro means Golden Boy a folklore hero and Kintaro ame started during the Edo Period.

You can  actually watch how they make the candy so its entertaining and mouth watering performance from the staff of the candy shop. If I'm not mistaken, Made in Candy shop is originally from Singapore and It's great that they have branch here in Philippines :)
Oh these lollies!!! looks yummy huh? 

 And here's the finished product of Made in Candy. Honestly it is really hard for me to eat these cute little candies ohhh....Can I just display and not to eat it? ;(

Which one do you like?? hmmmm?I think cherry is yummy oh and apple, look at that smiley, cutie right? can you see the heart? I wanna try the lemon too. hehehe. It reminds me of this expression "cookie cutter" You guys wanna try some? 

Anyway you can buy it in Sm Megamall and Rockwell:)
Happy reading guys hihihi 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hallloween: Ghibli Dark Forest

         Oh Hello there!, Its been awhile since the last time I updated my blog well as you know Halloween day was already finished but the company where I work thought of a little Halloween event for the teachers. We always do this every year that's why we don't want to finish 2013 without doing any interesting upshot. 
        Our Company asked teachers to create their own  Zombie pools or Group, of course I'm with my friends Macy, Lai   and Jona. Next is to choose the area where we are going to decorate(Graveyard) and finally embellish it and make it eerie. Our group didn't want to put zombies or skulls which are very common so we came up with this idea. Ghibli Theme, since we all like Ghibli movies very much but dark side of it to link it with Halloween . So we called it....


Creepy or Cutey ??
Look at those Forest Spirits (Kodamas)  I made them so It's my favorite :) and also the eyeballs and shuddering eyes around  Ghibli Dark Forest sign. 

We also put spider webs around the area with precious Makuro kurosuke from Tonari no Totoro. :)

Here's our Amazing Upshot from Ghibli Movies 
At the entrance you can see the Ghibli sensation . It's Kaonashi "  hehehe :D I love it  <3 font="">

And at the back of our area, I'm sure you'll be surprise because you'll see the dark side of one of the cutest Ghibli Character
  "SPOOKY TOTORO " wahahahah with a Big spine-chilling mouth yay!

Well of course it's not complete without other Ghibli Characters:
Chihiro- Jona 
Ponyo- Macy
Arriety- Me
Creepy version awwoooohhhhh

Who's the scariest  Ghibli Character huh?

It's said that All Hallows' Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin - and whether you believe in such things or not, those roaming spirits probably believe in you, or at least acknowledge your existence, considering that it used to be their own. Even the air feels different on Halloween, autumn-crisp and bright.
Thanks for reading my blog :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Delicious Cravings! yum! :)

Since today is not busy day so I can have some time to share you the restaurants that I've visited and the cravings that I've tried. Recently I cannot control myself but to eat maybe I really need to do jogging on Saturday I hope my friends will go with me since we haven't gone for exercise because we don't have much time (excuse)  haha. 

There are many Japanese Restaurants in Philippines but only few restaurants brings the true taste of Japanese Food. I have been to Japan 2 years ago and I really miss the place. When can I smell the fresh air of Japan again? huhu I hope soon hihihi.

Mitsuyado Sei-men ^^

 The House of Tsukemen 

It's actually a new restaurant near to the building where I work here in Jupiter St. Makati city. I'm really curious about it because I think there is something that is really interesting on it. Actually me and my friends really wanna go there and eat but I don't know why it took a long time for us to eat there so last friday me and girls finally visited and ohhh it surprised me. 

Take a look of this photo. It's Nippon! hehehe you can enjoy the old Japan atmosphere 

I actually cannot understand please translate it to me huhuhu :'(

Oh and that's macy as you can see there's a bicycle hanging hahaha it's actually cute. Many Japanese people used to ride a bulky bicycle before and until now when they go to market,school, park etc. 

Rammylicious hmm. :p
We love RAMEN :) 

 Black pepper Chicken :)

 Miso Ramen 


Shoyu Ramen (my favorite <3>

It's not complete without this Basil seed with Honeydew Juice. It looks weird but seriously its delicious and refreshing :)

Those are the food that we have tried so far but maybe in the future we will try another specialties. Visit Mitsuyadon Sei-men to serve you authentic Japanese noodles :)  I feel so hungry now gonna go buy  something to eat hihih see yah! :)