Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Cutest Thing Evah! "Kawaii in Manila"

Have you guys heard about "Kawaii in Manila"?
Kawaii in Manila Official Logo 

Kawaii in Manila is the first ever cute lifestyle workshop. If you are into Japanese fashion and lifestyle well this workshop will fit to all of you guys. It will bring you a whole kawaii package experience like beauty, styling, photo shoot or other related kawaii activities.
When exactly this workshop will be launched?

         Kawaii in Manila will be launched on September 2013 but I don't know yet when exactly on September. I will keep updating on this.
Meet the Kawaii in Manila Team: 

 But for now, Kawaii in Manila is giving their 1st Worldwide Giveaways like these: 

Look at these kawaii giveaways waaaaaaaaaa!!! Me and my friends want these so badly :)
I hope we can get a chance to win these fabulous giveaways :) fingers crossed 
Well, since it's "Kawaii in Manila" me and my friends have decided to do some kawaii activities and let me share you some of the photos that we have :)

Kawaii Adventure in Manila with Anne, Jona and Lai :)
1. Malling and Shopping- I'll show you some kawaii things that you can see indifferent stores around Manila ( Glorietta, Sm Makati and Landmark mall) 
Matcha Ice cream in Family Mart with Jona (http://syjona.blogspot.com)

It's so fluffy I'm gonna ddddiiieee hihihih

 Cutie cute cute flats  :)

 Cute skull earrings :) it reminds me of Kyari pamyupamyu 

 Wedge Sneaker from S&H fashion

At last we got our first wedge sneakers!!!happy much 

2. T-shirt printing at Chloe's :)
Me and my friends love Totoro very much so we come up with these shirts designs thanks to my friend Lai


3. Presenting kawaii things from us maybe you can find your favorite kawaii things and characters there hihi

colorfull headbands with a lots of kuma :)

Which one do you like? :)
 Do you like these cute colorful Headbands?

Totoro Family my favorite ghibli characters :)

We actually spent 1 whole day for the Kawaii photoshoot hahahaha :)

 Ototoro(Me), Chutotoro(Jona) Chibitotoro (Lai)

 I don't know why but this is my favorite photo hihihi 

So who's the real kawaii??

Lastly, What is kawaii for me?
            Whenever I hear the word "Kawaii' I always think about Japan. Japan is kawaii. But not only that, kawaii  is when I'm with my friends and family and having fun with them especially watching animation movies together or other stuffs. As long as you are happy you are "Kawaii" :) I hope you had fun reading this and I'm looking forward in joining KAWAII IN MANILA workshop :)

Cupcakes for you. Thank you :)

Kindly check my friends blog post too :) Thanks